Sleep Innovations 2-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Topper

Indulge yourself into a relaxed mood with Sleep Innovations 2-Inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Topper introduced from Sleep Innovations. The complacent & cozy topper can change the face of your boring and old mattress. SureTemp Memory Foam Topper is crafted with chic and pressure free foam. High density foam is one of the reasons why most of the people opt for a topper. The foam is therapeutic and assists in recovering from pains and disorders of the pain prone areas of the body which generally occurs on the back, hips and shoulders.

Sleep innovations mattress topper

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Why you should buy SureTemp Memory Foam

Odorless: Sleep Innovations topper foams are well infused with natural seed oil, charcoal and green tea extracts which help eliminating the chances of bacteria growth and keeps the chemical odor at a bay. This is all natural and thus has no adverse effects on health. Overall rating: 4.4/5

Body Pains: Out of all the reviews, this feature is to be certainly grooved on. People who tend to buy this topper are generally the ones who have recovered are recovering from chronic disorders. Overall rating: 4.3/5

Comfort: Yes, thumbs up on this particular point. Adding comfort and peace to your sleeping is one important aspect. Who would not want to sleep cozy after a hectic day. The old mattresses which now have a sturdy surface may not provide the level of comfort this topper adds. Adding topper to your mattress will enhance the quality of sleep that you have. Overall rating: 4.4/5

Certification: Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Topper is a product of U.S.A. It is certified by CertiPUR- US which a certification program for the bedding and upholstery items. Since the topper has this CertiPUR US seal; it is well assured that the flexible polyurethane foam is in line with the CertiPUR US standards. This certificate is offered on the basis of analysis on the grounds of emissions, durability and the content. Overall rating: 4.6/5

Cheap and Best Alternative: If you are fed up with your old mattress and not happy with the productivity this option can probably work in your favor and budget. Of course, in this situation, one thinks of buying a new mattress, but this topper can be the best alternative in a limited budget rather than burning a hole in your pocket for the new mattress. Plus, Sleep Innovations Memory Foam topper offers outstanding comfort and softness which a new mattress can give but with a very low investment. Overall rating: 4.6/5

Washable Cover: When you own things that you use on daily basis, maintaining it becomes a headache. On the contrary the SureTemp Memory Foam Topper is removable and washable. This feature is especially for cleanliness freaks who would want to maintain a hygiene level at their homes. So, just using it every day and washing it at regular intervals will keep the topper clean and free from any dirt. Overall rating: 4.8 /5

Warranty: One thing that you cannot ignore is the warranty before buying any product these days. Sleep Innovations offer a 10 year warranty for this topper which is a notable advantage. So for 10 years you need not worry about getting a new topper as the manufacturer will provide the surety of the product. Sleep Innovations has goodwill in the market and from all the reviews it is one of the most customer friendly brands and responds any concerns rose by the customers. Overall rating: 4.7 /5

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Once the topper gets delivered to you, there might be chances of tight seal to trap the foam odor as it normally happens with most of the commodities. One thing you can do is to let it open up and kept for airing to release the odor. Once this topper gets a chance to expand and oxygenate it is ready to be placed on the mattress. Allow a day or two for this activity.


  • This 2 inch memory foam topper has a medium pressure on the body and gives a relieving effect and takes the shape of the body making it convenient
  • This topper is well suited for a medium-built person
  • It is an economical choice against buying a new topper & spending a whooping amount over a brand new mattress

What Customers say?

Customers have rated this topper 4.4 on a scale of 5 and is an outstanding score reflecting the usability of this product. The density and price is what the customers have much appreciated since they are quite competitive.” I haven’t slept like this for years” is what one Customer says and that speaks a lot about the topper since it serves the purpose. Sleep Innovations 2-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Topper is a result of successful combination of Innovation, technology and know-how.

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