Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattress toppers are loved by everyone. There are many reasons for its popularity. If you are wondering why anyone would buy a mattress topper I am giving you 10 reasons.

mattress topper

1.Improve the existing mattress

Do you have an old mattress that you wish were better? A memory foam mattress topper vastly improves the the comfort level of an existing mattress. Your old mattress may be worn out, uneven and sagging. Adding a mattress topper on top rejuvenates a mattress. The topper will complement the problems with your old mattress making it comfortable and supportive. In short you will feel like sleeping on a brand new mattress.

2. Add comfort to a new mattress

Even if you have a brand new mattress but are not happy with its comfort level, then using a memory foam mattress topper would be the best practical and economic solution. Whether hard or soft a mattress topper can complement and improve the comfort level of a mattress. If the mattress bought is too firm then using a soft topper on it will balance the firmness level. The same goes for a too soft mattress as well.

3. Comfort of a mattress at lower cost

What I like about toppers is that they need not be always used along with a mattress, they can be used to sleep on even without a mattress or a bed. A 4 inch thick topper is a good example. Also in the case of children toppers are good enough to support their weight and give them a good night’s sleep. So in some cases instead of spending money on an expensive mattress buying a topper would be the wise decision.

4. Uniform pressure distribution

What people love about memory foam is its ability to distribute body pressure evenly on all points of contact. It moulds to the contours of the body and this allow equal pressure distribution nullifying the formation of any pressure points. When pressure points, the main reason for neck and shoulder pains associated with sleep, are eliminated the sleeper gets a lot more comfortable sleep. Using a topper can alleviate almost all body pains associated with bad sleeping posture.

5. Avoid sleep disturbances

In case you have a sleeping partner it is very likely that his/her movements disturb your sleep. This has a lot to do with the mattress you are using. An ordinary mattress will transfer any disturbances caused by the twitching or shifting of the person next to you. But in the case of memory foam these motion transfers are prevented thus giving non-disturbed, comfortable sleep.

6. Customize comfort

Memory foam mattress toppers are available on all standard bed sizes and also their half sizes. Incase you are not ok with your mattress but your sleeping partner is, then use a mattress topper just for your side. You can thus easily adjust the comfort level of your sleeping area without troubling your partner.

7. No flipping

Memory foam mattress toppers do not sag in the middle. So you don’t have to flip the topper once in a week to get an even surface to sleep on.

8. Dust mite resistant

All memory foam toppers in the US are CertiPUR-US certified which means they are free from all toxic components and are dust mite and allergen resistant. Fear dust mites no more.

9. Suitable for everyone

Memory foam mattress toppers are suitable for everyone. Of Course there are many different varieties to choose from, the topper you like may not be good for another, but the thing is anyone can use it. Whether you sleep on your stomach, on sides or on back, whether you have a good or bad medical condition you can use a memory foam mattress topper.

10. Travel companion

Mattress toppers are your best companion for RVs and camping out. You can roll up one and take it along with your road trip. It can be easily used in RVs and trucks and rolled up to be stored away for later use.