How to add a mattress topper on a mattress?

How to add a mattress topper on a mattress?
Sounds easy, right? Yes it is. After all it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to add a topper on your mattress.

Then why this article? For no particular reason at all, I just felt I should write one.

Installing a mattress topper on your bed is a 4 step process:

1. Unwrapping the mattress topper
2. Waiting till it expands
3. Carrying it to your mattress
4. Laying it on your mattress

How reading this article may help you?
A mattress topper is not particularly a strong solid object. If not handled carefully it may rip off. And it may not be so easy carrying it to your bedroom especially if the mattress topper is a thick one. So how do you do it?

The best place to unwrap a memory foam mattress topper is actually on your mattress. This is because when unwrapped the mattress topper starts to expand. The expansion time for different memory foam mattress toppers varies from a few minutes to days. Once expanded it is not easy to carry around a foam mattress topper. If you are not careful enough there is also a chance of getting the topper torn off. If the mattress topper you bought is 4-5 inches thick or is a ventilated one the chances of it getting ripped are higher. By unwrapping the topper on your bed/bedroom you save all these troubles.

Brilliant idea! right? But in practice some may not like it at all. There are two problems with this solution:
1. Most mattress toppers have an odour – The memory foam has an odour. The intensity of the odour varies with the brands which make the topper. Some may take only few hours to wear off while some mattress toppers will retain the smell for weeks. If you are sensitive to smells you may find it a big problem keeping a new memory foam mattress topper on your bed.
2. Expansion time – A memory foam mattress topper need to be fully expanded before using it. Some mattress toppers may take around 48 hours to gain its full size, if you bought such a topper do not unwrap it on your mattress or sleep on the couch.

Memory foam mattress toppers are available in all standard sizes, like Twin, Full, Queen, King etc and most likely they will fit perfectly on your mattress. Lay the mattress topper directly on top of the mattress without any sheets between them. Cover both with a deep pocket sheet so they remain in position. Though it may not be a good idea if the topper exceeds the size of the mattress you may trim it.

I hope this article helped someway. If you have any comments please let me know.

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