Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This 4 inch memory foam mattress topper by ‘Best Price Mattress’ is a 2 layered mattress topper with a 1.5 inch thick memory foam + 2.5 inch thick high density foam. Technically this is not a 100% memory foam mattress topper.

Despite being double layered the mattress topper comes as one piece. It also comes with a polyester mesh cover which has a zipper so you can easily cover it. The mattress topper doesn’t take much time to expand. It is soft but also provide good support because of the 2.5 inch thick high density foam. It is firm on normal room temperature but when you lie down it absorbs your heat and become soft. It moulds to your body shape removing pressure points and giving you a good night’s sleep.

4 inch memory foam mattress topper

This is a Queen size mattress topper, but it is also available in sizes Twin, Full and King.


Does this 4 inch mattress topper comes with warranty:

Yes, it has a 5 year warranty


What are its dimensions and shipping weight?

Dimensions: 80x60x4 inches

Shipping weight: 30 pounds


Does this mattress topper has a chemical odour?

The foam has an odour which is usual. Reviewers commented that the smell is not intense and will go away in one or two days, just make sure you air the topper.


Does it have any vertical holes drilled through it like in some ventilated mattress toppers?

No, the top of the topper is smooth and flat. It has no holes.


Is the mattress topper too firm?

No, infact it is less firm. This is a soft mattress topper.


For which people this is best suited for?

This mattress topper is best suited for people with small to medium build. It doesn’t offer much support for heavy people since the foam density is less.


Does this mattress topper help to reduce body pain?

This mattress topper reduces pressure points so definitely most common body aches will disappear while using this.


Does this memory foam mattress topper contains any toxic materials?

No, this memory foam mattress topper doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals. It has CertPUR-US certification which confirms it is free from all kinds of toxic materials.


Can I use this for camping?

If you are below 150lbs you can use this to sleep on the ground. otherwise I won’t recommend it.



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